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For twenty-two years I have been involved in the gemstone and jewelry trade, first as owner of an incorporated company in Singapore, then in Thailand, and for the last twelve years in Northern California. Throughout my career the reward has always come from the knowledge that I have taken the extra steps to ensure my customers' absolute satisfaction.

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Jewelry Crossings has its earliest beginnings as far back as 1970 when Susi’s husband, Harry, was studying mineralogy and geology at the University of Alaska and transferred his enthusiasm for mineralogy and gemology to his wife.

In 1981 Susi makes a trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil from her expatriate homeland of Singapore to see friend Jill Lavin. Jill has been studying gemology there and is in the throes of setting up her gemstone company. An idea hatches to bring fine Brazilian gemstones to Singapore where a flourishing jewelry trade already exists. So, in 1981, Susi incorporates Pedras Gemstones of Singapore. From 1981 until Susi's departure to Bangkok with family in 1989, Pedras focuses on providing a large assortment of colored gemstones to its clientele.

Susi explores a 50 year-old amethyst mine
in the Brazilian state of Bahia

Susi Amethyst Mine Many trips to Brazil to visit mining operations—amethyst, aquamarine, imperial topaz, emerald and more—in the Brazilian states of Bahia and Mines Gerais followed during those years. With the family transfer to Bangkok in 1989 Susi was able to expand her knowledge of sapphires and rubies with easy access to the corundum trade and added Thai goldsmiths and silversmiths to her many contacts.

- Susi

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